Notices to Competitors

#3 - Clarification on award of Roger Land Trophy

Notice date: 20/02/2019

The Roger Land Trophy will be awarded to the 1st on line Young 88 designed yacht, irrespective of class rules.

#2 - Confirmation of Divisions

Notice date: 20/02/2019

The following Divisions have been confirmed:
Division A (incorporates sport boats) – Course Descriptor ‘DIV A’
Division B (incorporates trailer yachts) – Course Descriptor ‘DIV B’
Division C (Multi-Hulls) – Course Descriptor ‘DIV C’

There will be no Harbour or White Sails Divisions

#1 - Amendments to Notice of Race

Notice date: 18/02/2019

The Notice of Race is amended as follows:

Clause 1.2 e. is added as follows:

For sports multi-hull yachts, Part VII amended to include one “Inshore Kit” (as described in YNZ Safety Regulations Appendix 1), and Wellington Harbour Chart NZ4633. In addition, YNZ Safety Regulations Part V paragraphs 2.1-2.4 will apply.


Changes to Entry Dates for Crew Members:

Delete 3.6 and replace with:
3.6. Eligible crew members may enter by completing the online crew entry form and paying the required fee using the regatta website ( by 1700 hours on Wednesday 20th February 2019.

Delete 4.2 and replace with:
4.2  The following fees apply to crew members entering the regatta:
a. $25.00, if entered before entries close at 1700 hours on Wednesday 20th February 2019.
b. Late entry fee is $40.00 (if accepted).

Note: A partial refund will be provided for those crew that registered before the online shopping cart was adjusted.

Changes to Scoring:

Delete Clause 10.1 and replace with the following:
10.1 Races will be scored on PHRF Inshore Base, IRC, General Handicap and/or Class Championship, as applicable to the division.