Regatta entry


Entry fee varies based on Class entered.

The 2022 Port Nicholson Regatta invites entries from keelboats, trailer yachts, multihulls, sports boats, sport multihulls, Elliot 5.9 and Flying Dutchman class boats.

  • Fleet one (Early entry fee = $295, normal entry fee = $310):
    • Keelboats, multihulls and trailer yachts (may be split into divisions)
    • Sports boats and sports multihulls (racing together if entries permit, otherwise racing with keelboats)
  • Fleet two:
    • Flying Dutchman (racing for the 2022 New Zealand Flying Dutchman National Championship) (Early entry fee = $155, normal entry fee $170)
    • Elliot 5.9s (Early entry fee = $190, normal entry fee $205)

Individual crew entries are not required, but skippers will be required to supply a crew list prior to registration.

Late entries may be accepted up on payment of a late entry fee.


Keelboats, multihulls, sports boats and trailer yachts (other than E5.9s) will sail together. Flying Dutchman and Elliot 5.9s will sail together. The entry fee includes the entry fee for all crew. No separate payment is needed this year.


Skipper / person-in-charge

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Race entry declaration by owner or person-in-charge

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