It’s on – we WILL be racing!

Provided Government advice doesn’t change significantly, and it remains safe to do so, we’ll also provide our traditional Port Nic hospitality

2022 Port Nicholson Regatta

17 – 20 February 2022

Entries close Monday 14 February for the 2022 Port Nicholson Regatta in Wellington. The 2022 Port Nicholson Regatta invites entries from keelboats, trailer yachts, multihulls, sports boats, sport multihulls, Elliot 5.9s and Flying Dutchman:

  • Keelboats
  • Multihulls (racing with keelboats)
  • Trailer yachts (racing with keelboats)
  • Sports boats and sports multihulls (racing together as a class if entries permit, otherwise racing with keelboats)
  • Flying Dutchman (racing for the 2022 New Zealand Flying Dutchman National Championship)
  • Elliot 5.9s (racing together as a class)

The Port Nicholson Regatta in Wellington attracts entries from around New Zealand – we hope you will join us.

“You should be here!”

Port Nicholson Regatta has been proudly hosted since 1999 by Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club