Regatta Information


The 2022 Port Nicholson Regatta invites entries from keelboats, trailer yachts, multihulls, sports boats, sport multihulls, Elliot 5.9 and Flying Dutchman class boats.

  • Fleet one (Early entry fee = $295, normal entry fee = $310):
    • Keelboats, multihulls and trailer yachts (may be split into divisions)
    • Sports boats and sports multihulls (racing together if entries permit, otherwise racing with keelboats)
  • Fleet two:
    • Flying Dutchman (racing for the 2022 New Zealand Flying Dutchman National Championship) (Early entry fee = $155, normal entry fee $170)
    • Elliot 5.9s (Early entry fee = $190, normal entry fee $205)

Individual crew entries are not required, but skippers will be required to supply a crew list prior to registration.

Late entries may be accepted up on payment of a late entry fee.

NZFDA Corinthian Clause

The trigger for this decision to race is completely at the discretion of the RO depending on all or any of the  following conditions:

  • Sea state at the time of the start and expected sea state over the duration of the race.
  • Whether the wind is forecast to build or ease during the race
  • If the race is required to ensure a result/completion of the event.

However, the class has asked that races not be started in wind conditions over 20 knots.